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Childbirth Education
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In this section, you can:

  • Learn about the evidence supporting normal birth
  • Get information that can help you and your patients make informed decisions about care

Why is this Important?

Childbirth education has been shown to reduce women's pain and anxiety as they approach childbirth, and is associated with a more satisfactory birth experience. A landmark national survey found that most mothers reported a better understanding of their maternity care options, and communicated better with their caregivers following participation in childbirth classes. An expert panel on the content of prenatal care convened by the US Public Health Service recommends a formal series of prepared childbirth classes conducted by a certified childbirth educator for all women.

Role of IPN

IPN collaborates with the Indiana Perinatal Educators Committee (IPEC) to disseminate evidence-based information on the importance of childbirth education. Comprised of childbirth educators and other birth professionals, IPEC plans an annual conference that offers nationally recognized speakers and continuing education for a broad range of health care professionals.

For more information, contact Julia Tipton Hogan at 317.924.0825 x4229 or

Other Helpful Links

  • Childbirth Connection- Nonprofit group conducts research and promotes safe, effective and satisfying evidence-based maternity care.
  • Coalition to Improve Maternity Services- Organization that promotes a wellness model of maternity care to improve birth outcomes.
  • Mother's Advocate- A collaboration between Lamaze and Injoy Birth and Parenting Education to promote safe and healthy birth practices.

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2013 IPEC Conference Materials

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Reference List DOCX (15.42 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Social Media Landscape 2013 DOCX (131.31 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Social Media 101 PPTX (685.36 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Using Skype to Support Families PPTX (2.17 MB) Administration 3/6/2014
Social Media Outline DOCX (13.85 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Marquette's Tips DOCX (15.73 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Connie Livingston Presentation - Part 2 PPTX (8.63 MB) Administration 3/6/2014
Connie Livingston Presentation - Part 1 PPTX (4.08 MB) Administration 3/6/2014
IPEC Social Media Glossary DOCX (57.78 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Social Media Worksheet DOCX (14.8 KB) Administration 3/6/2014
Baby Friendly Blog PPT (5.22 MB) Administration 3/6/2014

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