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Substance Use and Pregnancy
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Substance Use and Pregnancy 

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Why is this Important?

A September 2006 needs assessment estimates that nearly 20 percent of women in Indiana use tobacco, while 10 percent use alcohol and 5 percent use other drugs during pregnancy. A critical step to prevent poor outcomes associated with substance abuse during pregnancy is to verbally screen all pregnant women for alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

The 2007 White House Office of National Drug Control Policy estimates that savings from verbal screening and brief interventions are $2.50 for every $1 spent. Mean hospital charges for drug exposed infants increased from $39,400 in 2000 to $53,400 in 2009, with more than 77% of charges attributed to state Medicaid programs. The estimated lifetime costs of caring for a baby exposed to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs range from $750,000 to $1.4 million.

IPN Resources

Promoting Smokefree Pregnancies in Indiana 
PSPI, a statewide, voluntary, multi-sector coalition, is thrilled to share the Promoting Smokefree Pregnancies in Indiana Toolkit.

This resource, designed for direct service providers and community partners, is the culmination of extensive research about what works to reduce prenatal tobacco smoke exposure. It includes practical ideas that can be implemented in a number of settings by professionals in many different roles.

Click here to access the free toolkit.

Click here for additional trainings.  *Note: The Virtual Clinic at the bottom of the page is a collaboration of Dartmouth, CDC, and ACOG.  It is free for a limited time and they offer free continuing ed credits.

Role of IPN
  • Convened a group of experts and concerned individuals from across the state to develop a comprehensive consensus statement that includes recommendations for providers, the public and policy makers to address this complex issue
  • Hosted a statewide summit featuring national and state experts and effective intervention programs that exist throughout our state
  • Played a lead role getting three different bills passed by the Indiana General Assembly to address this important and complex perinatal issue
  • Actively participated on the State Prenatal Substance Abuse Commission
  • Developed a unique, award-winning, provider training DVD
  • Hosted 15 educational workshops for multidisciplinary providers throughout the state

For more information, contact IPN at 317.924.0825 x4224 or

Other Helpful Links

Click here to see what we are telling Mothers and Families.

External websites posted for informational purposes only. IPN does not endorse or assume responsibility for their content.

2014 NAS Conference Materials 

Margaret Mary Health: Additional Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Urine Drug Testing Protocol PDF (30.5 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
NAS Maternal Drug Screening PDF (125.15 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
NAS Infant at Risk PDF (131.55 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
NAS CEO Signature PDF (28.68 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
Drug Testing Letter PDF (119.24 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
Drug Testing Consent PDF (115.62 KB) Administration 5/12/2014

NAS Conference Presentations

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Substance Use During Pregnancy - J. Landwehr PDF (148.61 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
Reid Hospital: What's Happening - L. Whitley PDF (505.7 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
Margaret Mary Health: What's Happening - D. Gloyd PDF (681.25 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
Neonatal Drug Withdrawal - J. Wareham PDF (2.3 MB) Administration 5/12/2014
NAS - Psychosocial Approach in NICU - S. Quigley PDF (37.19 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
NAS Comfort Measures - C. Lahne PDF (141.01 KB) Administration 5/12/2014
Motivational Interviewing - G. Brenner PDF (698.59 KB) Administration 5/12/2014

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